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Don't take our word for it. Take the word of those we've helped live with their pain.

Nothing tells our story better than hearing it from your friends, neighbors. We have a long history of success, and our patients aren't shy about letting you know.

Dr. Lababidi, Thank you so much for helping my son last week. I am so thankful for your kindness. I know you did not feel well, but still gave more time--I am deeply appreciative!


I recently became a patient of Dr. Lababidi and must admit I was skeptical to enter pain management. Pain management always seemed like the grown up thing to do. I never imagined sitting in that waiting room at 24. Nevertheless, the day I met Dr. Lababidi I immediately I felt it was going to be different than any other doctor appointment. He actually listened to me. I haven't met a doctor who understood my suffering, let alone listened thoroughly to me without looking away or leaving the room for unreasonable amounts of time. And for this I couldn't be more grateful. I would just like to note how lucky I am to have a doctor that actually listens, sympathizes and most importantly understands me.


Dr. Lababidi and his staff also helped me learn to cope better with the medicines I was on with degenerative joint disease, which I had already had for many many years and had many successful surgeries for. Dr. Lababidi and staff taught me that everyday counts and to get the most out of every single day. I even started traveling to see my son way across the country and my brother in another country again. This is the best pain management group.


The receptionist you have is without a doubt one of the kindest and most compassionate people I've ever met. She always has a positive attitude. She's one of a kind!


I came to Dr. Fouad after 10 years of pain management with a different doctor. I left that appointment with a lower dose of medicine, and with the distinct feeling that this guy was going to help me! I have found him to be very caring and I am beyond excited about the prospect that he is bound and determined to give me back my life - first impression aside, Dr. Fouad is a wonderful doctor and believes in helping people in pain to lead as much of a normal life as is possible.


I love how Dr.Fouad, actually cares about what's causing my pain, and how we can address it, and treat it. I FINALLY found a Doctor that cares! I have nothing but good to say about this group. They treat you with respect, and care!


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